Common causes of stress fractures in feet

causes of stress fractures in feetStress fractures are commonly found in the load-bearing bones of the foot because they are subject to repetitive forces in walking and running. These fractures are small cracks in the bone resulting from new or extended stress that can be worsened through further use of the feet, thus making stress fractures a large hindrance on day-to-day life. Understanding the cause of your stress fracture is important when diagnosing your problem and preventing recurring fractures.

We've outlined some of the most common causes of stress fractures in the feet. If you have any further questions regarding your condition, don't forget to contact the professionals at Kansas City Foot Specialists.

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Turf toe: symptoms and treatments

symptoms and treatments of turf toeThe condition “turf toe” derives from the introduction of artificial turf in American football, and the subsequent foot injuries related to the turf. Turf toe occurs when the ligaments near the big toe joint are sprained. These ligaments become sprained after the toe has been forcibly hyperextended while the body's momentum lunges forward.

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Diagnosing your heel pain

understanding your heel painHeel pain is a common problem affecting millions of individuals every day. The pain ranges from mild to chronic and is easily worsened by daily activities. Seeking out the exact diagnosis of your heel pain can be difficult, but is paramount to ensuring a speedy recovery.

As a patient, you won’t be able to diagnose your heel pain accurately. However, you should be as educated as possible about your condition, so you can take necessary precautions before your appointment to ensure you don’t worsen your symptoms.

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Managing your foot psoriasis

remedying your foot psoriasis symptomsPsoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that affects nearly 3 percent of the world’s population. The condition is present in many different areas of the body but is commonly located on the feet. Individuals with foot psoriasis experience a wide variety of symptoms, including cracked and itchy skin, bleeding, and flare-ups.

Your quality of life is jeopardized when you start showing symptoms. Simple tasks such as walking, running, or wearing shoes can be excruciating. If your condition affects your work, it could lead to a financial burden as well. Don’t let foot psoriasis control your life.

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Remedies for cracked heels and dry feet

fix your dry heels and cracked feetOur feet take a serious pounding. The average person in the United States takes over 5,000 steps per day, with busier days sometimes resulting in twice that many steps. It makes you wonder why foot health is often overlooked when we rely on them so heavily.

One common foot issue that many experience is dry feet, which results in skin cracking on the heels and other areas of the foot. The skin on our feet has no oil glands, instead relying on sweat glands to keep feet hydrated and moisturized. When combined with other medical conditions like diabetes or athlete’s foot, the pain can be debilitating.

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