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Top Signs You Have a Neuroma


Here are the 7 Top Signs You Have a Neuroma

  1. Numb or tingling sensations in the toes or the ball of your foot (i.e. feeling that your toes are asleep)

  2. Burning or shooting pain in the toes or ball of your foot

  3. Feeling like you’re walking on a wrinkled or crumpled sock

  4. Cramping of the toes or a clicking feeling when you walk

  5. Worsening pain from applying pressure or wearing shoes

  6. The toes closest to the pain starting to spread

  7. Decreasing your daily activities because of the pain (or your pain becoming worse over time)


Don’t be fooled if your pain from a neuroma feels like it’s getting better from time to time. It can easily return. If left untreated, neuromas can lead to permanent nerve damage.

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