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Your career vs your shoes

Both men and women should take time to have their feet properly measured and to try on several pairs of shoes before selecting footwear for work. Spend several minutes walking around on a surface similar to the floors where you work. Look for shoes with padding under the heel and the ball of the foot. In addition, avoid shoes with a narrow toe box, as they may pinch over time and leave your feet sore. Arch support or cushioning in the arch may also help provide comfort throughout your work day.

Women who prefer high heels should seek styles with adjustable straps to provide a better fit. T-strap and Mary Jane styles are also more likely to offer stability by keeping the arch centered and preventing the foot from sliding forward. Although attractive, stilettos or shoes with particularly narrow heels should be avoided as they provide no stability.

If your shoes fit properly and your podiatrist has found no other reason for your foot or back pain, you may simply be experiencing muscle fatigue from the demands of standing or walking in your job. Take some time everyday to stretch your calves, and when possible take your shoes off and give your feet a break.

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