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When to seek help for sweaty feet

Everyone’s feet sweat – but how do you know when to visit your podiatrist? We have gathered information below that shows the symptoms and triggers of excessive foot sweat. If you have any more questions regarding your feet sweating, contact the experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists today.

Symptoms of excessive sweating

Your feet have more sweat glands than any part of your body, which is why they can produce so much sweat with relative ease. At times, each foot can produce more than an entire pint of sweat in one day!

Sweaty feet throughout most of the day is considered excessive. If your socks are soaked and your shoes are starting to retain moisture, then you need to seek help.

Foot odor may be present in individuals experiencing excessive sweating. The warm, damp area is prime real estate for bacteria growth that emits a foul-smelling odor. This can be remedied by neutralizing deodorizers or absorption deodorizers.

Whiteness of the feet. When there is excessive moisture of the feet, they may appear white, wet, and wrinkled. The discoloration and wrinkles result from a combination of sweat and continuous pressure, making the skin prone to fungal infections and opening sores.

Causes of excessive sweating of the feet

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that causes excessive sweating in the feet. Sweat is used as temperature regulation in your body, but when you suffer from Hyperhidrosis, the sweat glands in your feet become overactive and produce more sweat than needed.

Approximately three percent of the United States population suffers from hyperhidrosis. It is common for this condition to be present in the palms and armpits, but is often worse in the plantar area because of the amount of sweat glands in the feet. Hyperhidrosis is exacerbated by wearing closed-toe shoes because they lack the necessary room for your feet to breathe. Stress-induced sweating is a problem that many individuals face daily and can exacerbate your hyperhidrosis.

Caffeine is a common trigger of excessive sweating in the feet. The caffeine will stimulate your Central nervous system which activates your sweat glands. The sweat glands in your feet, and other places will produce sweat at a higher-than-normal rate. The temperature of the caffeine can induce sweating as well. If you drink hot coffee, accompanied with the high caffeine, you may be increasing your risk of excessive sweating.

Improper footwear and high temperatures
Improper footwear and outside temperatures play a large role in the amount of sweat your feet produce. Hotter temperatures will naturally signal your body to cool itself off by sweating. The hotter the temperature, the more you sweat.

If your footwear is too bulky and mostly cotton, then your feet will lack the appropriate breathing room needed to cool off. The feet will begin to sweat as they heat up in your shoes, and the socks will retain the moisture, causing your feet to become wet and exposed to harmful bacteria.

If you are experiencing these symptoms of excessive sweating and can’t find the cause, call us at (913) 338-4440 or contact us online to set up a consultation. We can help diagnose and treat your symptoms to ensure your feet remain healthy and dry.