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What to expect after foot or ankle surgery

Following some types of foot surgery, you may be in a cast or splint for two to six weeks. Most foot surgeries allow you to bear some weight on the foot immediately after surgery, but it may be as long as six weeks before you are able to place weight on the ankle and foot. Talk with your doctor about the recommended recovery time for your particular type of surgery.

Keep in mind that there are many blood vessels, ligaments, tendons, muscles, joints, and bones in the foot. As a result, the required recovery time after foot surgery can be lengthy, and it is important that you give your body plenty of time to heal after having foot surgery. Once the pain and swelling begin to decrease, your doctor may recommend that you begin physical therapy to strengthen the muscles.

Your podiatrist will make recommendations about the amount of time you should stay off the foot and limit your activities. It is important that you visit your doctor for all of your follow-up exams, so that he or she can evaluate how well the foot is healing. These exams will help your doctor assess whether additional treatments are needed to ensure long-term success of the surgical procedure.

Consultation with a doctor

When you schedule a consultation with your podiatrist regarding potential foot or ankle surgery, your doctor will conduct a physical examination to determine the exact diagnosis and make recommendations for treatment based on your individual needs.

If it is determined that foot surgery is necessary, your doctor will provide you with specific details about the preparation and recovery associated with the type of surgery needed.

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