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The truth about cosmetic foot surgery

Cosmetic foot surgery vs. correcting foot problems

Many surgeries performed by a qualified podiatrist, such as correcting hammertoes, bunions, and other problems have the added benefit of making your foot look better. These surgeries are often done to alleviate pain and discomfort first, and improved appearance is a nice side effect.

Undergoing surgery on healthy feet simply to change their appearance, however, is a different story. Some trends in cosmetic foot surgery include injecting fillers into the feet and surgically altering the length of toes or the overall shape of the foot.

Any surgery comes with risks

With any surgical procedure, the risk versus benefit needs to be weighed before you make a decision. When you’re considering correcting a foot problem to improve your quality of life, often the small risks of surgery are worthwhile. But the foot is a complex structure full of numerous bones and ligaments – and altering it only for beauty may be an unnecessary risk. If a complication arises, it could affect your ability to walk or carry on with daily activities.

Think about whether the appearance of your feet is worth the possibility of having ongoing foot pain that can be difficult to treat down the road.

No medical benefit from cosmetic foot surgery

The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS) says cosmetic foot surgery is not recommended. Operating on healthy feet can do unnecessary harm, especially when considering these procedures often involve changing the important and complex bone structure of the foot. You need your feet to do nearly everything – so don’t take them for granted. The ACFAS says the risks of cosmetic foot surgery are too great, especially when you consider there’s no medical benefit. Even fillers, which seem non-invasive and safe, can have unwanted side effects.

Beautify your feet in other ways

There are plenty of healthy ways to get your feet looking great without surgery. Use a foot cream daily, exfoliate rough heels with a pumice stone or foot file, and get a pedicure. If you’re self-conscious about your feet, there’s no rule that says you must wear foot-revealing shoes. Many fashionable dress shoes and even summer sandals can offer you more coverage and comfort without the exposure of flip-flops.

Your feet deserve the best possible care so they can last a lifetime. Don’t run the risk of harming them with a procedure that you don’t need.

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