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The One Thing You Should Do after You Sprain an Ankle

female runner touching foot in pain due to sprained ankle

Repeated Ankle Injury Can Lead to Chronic Ankle Instability
With chronic ankle instability, you may notice that your ankle frequently “rolls” or “gives out.” This can happen during activities such as walking, but can also happen without a known cause. If you’ve sprained your ankle in the past and notice that your ankle suddenly turns or feels wobbly during daily activities, you may have chronic ankle instability. People with this condition may experience chronic ankle pain or swelling, but this is not always the case. One thing is certain: you’re at higher risk for future sprains, as well as balance problems and potential falls.

Why Do Sprains Lead to Unstable Ankles?
When ligaments become damaged or torn, they grow weaker. If an ankle sprain isn’t properly treated and healed, it can fail to regain its original strength. This can lead to additional sprains, and future sprains are often become more severe due to continued weakening of the joint. To combat repeated ankle sprains, you need the help of a podiatrist. The goal is to ensure your ligaments can heal properly after an injury to reduce further stress and damage to the joint.

Contact a Podiatrist Sooner Rather Than Later
First, contact your podiatrist if you think you might have sprained or injured your ankle. Treating sprains early on gives you the best chance for a full recovery. Since your feet and ankles are critical to everything you do every day, it’s smart not to take chances. Don’t let procrastination lead to an even bigger injury.

It’s Not Too Late
If you’ve sprained your ankle in the past and haven’t had it professionally evaluated by a podiatrist, now is the time to do so. Getting your ligaments back in shape will help you strengthen your ankles and prevent future sprains. Your podiatrist may recommend strengthening exercises, braces, medications, or a combination of treatments. When non-invasive approaches aren’t enough to repair the ligament, surgery may be recommended. Your ankles are a critical part of your balance and ability to walk, run, and carry on with many daily activities. Don’t ignore any pain or weakness in your ankle!

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