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Protect your feet with the right pair of running socks

The wrong socks may be more harmful than you think

Some inexperienced runners may view running socks as a gimmick or a luxury, but the reality is you can harm your feet if you run in a pair of bad socks. What separates a good pair of running socks from a bad pair is material composition, seams, cushioning, and how the fabric is woven. A bad pair of running socks can cause your feet to swell, develop blisters, and soak in sweat, which increases vulnerability to diseases like Athlete’s Foot or Plantar Warts.

What are the right socks to wear?

You need to avoid running in socks composed of cotton. Cotton soaks up sweat and holds it against your foot, and doesn’t allow your foot to breath. Socks composed of a synthetic blend of material or wool are moisture wicking and allow your foot to breath. An added bonus, wool is antimicrobial, meaning it resists odors. Your running socks should have minimal or no seams that can irritate your foot and cause blisters. Cheaper cotton socks typically have a large seam along the toes that causes significant irritation.

What other features are helpful?

Some running socks have additional cushioning on the heel, ankles, and under the ball of your foot. This helps to absorb further amounts of shock that your shoe allows through to your foot. Additionally, some socks are compressed around the arch of the foot. This compression helps resist swelling that can incur from longer, more strenuous runs.

For medical reasons, specially crafted socks may be necessary for some runners to protect an injured area. If you are afraid your socks may be hurting you, or if you aren’t sure what socks can help you the most, visit your podiatrist for professional advice.

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