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Pedicure safety – protect your feet

Follow these guidelines for a safe, beautiful pedicure every time:

  • Make sure instruments are sterilized every time they are used. If you’re not sure, another option is to bring your own instruments that you use exclusively for yourself.
  • Make sure foot baths and their filters are disinfected between each customer, not just once a day. These baths can harbor bacteria and fungus.
  • Nail technicians should be washing their hands with soap and water consistently between each customer. Otherwise, germs and fungus could be on their hands and then transferred to you.
  • Cuticles should never be clipped. They are a protective barrier for your nails, and should be treated gently. You may have them very carefully pushed back with a rubber cuticle stick, but don’t overdo it.
  • Foot razors should be avoided, as they could cut too much skin, leaving you open to injury and infection. A pumice stone, foot file, or scrub is sufficient to remove rough skin and calluses.
  • Emery boards or nail files cannot be properly sanitized, so a fresh one should be used only for you and then discarded.
  • Do not shave your legs before you get a pedicure. Tiny nicks and cuts from shaving can welcome bacteria into your body. Instead, wait 24 hours after you’ve shaved before you get your pedicure done.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask. It can be hard to approach someone and ask them about their cleaning practices, but you should do it for your own health. If they don’t want to answer your questions, or you see any potential problems, find another salon.

If all else fails, do your own pedicure at home! You can use your own foot bath, and a pumice stone or foot file can be used to gently remove calluses. An Epsom salt soak can feel great on sore, tired feet. Massage some foot cream into your heels to soften and pamper this area. If you don’t have any nail problems, you can finish with a coat of nail polish.

Your feet deserve the best

If you are experiencing foot pain or other concerns with your feet, you need an expert to evaluate and treat the condition. Call Kansas City Foot Specialists to schedule an evaluation at (913) 338-4440, or request an appointment online so we can work with you to keep your feet healthy.