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Make foot massages better by using pressure points


Find the bone sticking out of the ankle on the inside of the foot. Then, measure two finger widths below that. Press on this point, applying direct, but gentle pressure inward. This is a great place to start a foot massage. However, you must be sure you don’t press in too hard because you can cause pain.


Put your finger between the big toe and the next one. Then, trace a path up the foot between those two toe bones. When you feel them connect, stop. This is usually about an inch from the toe webbing. Apply gentle pressure straight down, using a single finger.

Big Toe

Look at the foot and find the lower inside corner of the big toenail. On the right foot, it’s the lower right side corner and on the left foot, it’s the lower left side corner. Apply gentle, slow pressure straight down with one finger. However, if an individual has toenail problems, this can be quite painful.

Fourth Toe

On the fourth toe, find the same spot. Once again, on the right foot, it will be the lower right side corner and on the left foot, the lower left side corner. You must be very careful and gently apply downward pressure with just one finger.


One of the greatest ways to effectively relieve stress is by rubbing the bottom of the foot. Use oil and/or lotion so that your fingers glide across the muscles of the sole. Find the ball of the foot and apply slow, gentle pressure right below the space between the big toe and the toe next to it.

The feet are full of nerves and pressure points. Massages that include pressure points can be a great stress reliever. However, if you are experiencing foot pain, those nerves and pressure points are less delightful and more agonizing.

If you are experiencing foot nerve or pressure point pain, you need to see a foot specialist. Call Kansas City Foot Specialists to schedule an evaluation at (913) 338-4440, or request an appointment online so we can work with you to keep your feet healthy.