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Keeping your feet healthy this summer

Be Careful When Barefoot

Going barefoot indoors is a good idea. It reduces foot odor by giving your feet time to breathe and can help blisters and calluses heal faster. However, most doctors strongly advise against going barefoot outdoors. This increases your chances of bug bites and stings as well as foot fungus and conditions like athlete’s foot. While rare, going barefoot may also expose you to parasites found in places like pet feces. This can lead to serious or even life-threatening infections.

Choose Shoes Wisely

Most people enjoy wearing sandals in the summer. This is fine, but make sure those shoes have adequate support—especially around the arches. Otherwise, you may experience foot pain, cramping, blisters, and other issues. Unsupported shoes make your foot work harder to grasp the shoe and keep it on, which can result in injuries like ankle sprains.

Do Not Let Them Swell

Swollen feet are common during the summer for many reasons. Two big ones are heat and the increased consumption of junk food, especially salty snacks. Doctors recommend avoiding these foods and staying out of the heat during the hottest part of the day. Take a lukewarm bath or soak your feet in cool water, especially near the end of the day. Massage your feet gently to bring down swelling, and use mild medications if swelling causes pain. Keep up your exercise regimen to increase circulation.

Keep Them Fragrant

Sweat is the main cause of foot odor, particularly for people who wear thin socks or closed-toe shoes. Sweat breeds bacteria, which can lead to many offensive odors or even infections. Invest in quality foot creams or powders, and try to wear shoes that are well-ventilated. Wash your feet thoroughly; a bath may be more conducive to this than a shower.

Treat Cuts and Scrapes

A little cut on your foot may not seem like a big deal, but it is an open invitation to diseases—many of which are drug-resistant. The biggest culprits include MRSA and infections borne by E. coli. When you find a cut or scrape, disinfect and bandage it immediately. Also, use hand sanitizer to decrease your risk of spreading germs.

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