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Keep your feet healthy for the holidays

All of this can add up to sore feet and other foot problems. Don’t let the holidays do a number on your feet — take good care of them with these tips:

  • Moisturize dry feet, especially the heels, right after a shower or bath. Creams meant for the feet as well as petroleum jelly work well, and applying to damp skin helps it sink in. With the cold, dry air, you may need to do this daily to avoid roughness and cracking, which can be painful. You may also wish to apply cream at night and cover your feet with thin cotton socks, so the cream can penetrate while you sleep.
  • Stretch your feet. Stretching can feel good, and your feet could use some stretching when you’ve been on them all day. The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) recommends gently rotating your ankles, as well as raising, pointing, and curling your toes.
  • Take a break from the high heels. Pointy-toed pumps and high-heeled boots are a great-looking choice for the holiday party, but your feet may feel the effects afterward. Sore arches, achy legs, blisters, or toe pain are only a few of the problems that can result from wearing poorly supportive shoes for too long. To help alleviate this, wear comfortable shoes when shopping or when you know you’ll be on your feet a lot. Consider shoes that have the APMA Seal of Acceptance for optimal comfort and support or find shoes that fit your feet with our free guide, Proper shoe fit for support and foot pain prevention.
  • Get a safe and healthy pedicure. If you get a pedicure at a salon, make sure they filter and clean their foot baths between every customer. No cutting and trimming of dead skin and cuticles — use a pumice stone and wood cuticle stick. Trimming skin and cuticles can cause injuries or infection. And trim toenails straight across to avoid painful ingrown nails.
  • Put your feet up. The holidays mean long car rides and flights to see loved ones. This can lead to swelling in the feet from sitting for long periods. You can combat this by getting up and walking every hour or so if possible, drinking plenty of water, and not crossing your legs while seated. When you get to your destination, try and put your feet up for a while if you can. The elevation can alleviate swelling.

Your feet are taking you to your holiday gatherings and celebrations, so treat them with respect and care. And if you notice a foot problem or have pain, talk with a podiatrist — don’t wait until the holidays are over.

Are you experiencing heel pain or other foot ailments? Call Kansas City Foot Specialists to schedule an evaluation at (913) 338-4440, or request an appointment online so we can work with you to keep your feet healthy.