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How to choose the right pair of socks

We have outlined below a few different styles of socks and their appropriate uses. If you have questions regarding the appropriate socks for your lifestyle, contact the experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists.

Different styles of socks

Casual/Everyday Socks are generally thinner material that come in many different colors and patterns. These socks provide moderate breathability and are ideal for loafers and other shoes you wear around the house. Consider casual socks for sedentary environments.

Dress socks provide more style than comfort. These socks are typically a blend of soft cotton and nylon. Dress socks are ideal for formal attire because of their light and airy feel that allows your feet to breathe in hot leather dress shoes.

Running socks are chosen based off the condition of the runner’s feet and shoes. These socks come in lightweight, non-padded versions, or thicker padded versions. The lightweight running socks are for runners that have inserts in their shoes and don’t require extra padding. Thicker socks provide padding and moisture-locking properties that keep the feet from sliding around inside of the shoe. If the runner has structural damage in their feet, then lighter socks will be preferred so they can let the supporting shoe inserts absorb the shock.

Lightweight outdoor socks are relatively thin and provide comfort for individuals with wide feet. These outdoor socks are designed for individuals that work and partake in outdoor activities. The individual may be walking up to several miles per day, so it is imperative to have socks that provide adequate cushioning to the balls of the feet and the heels, as they absorb most of the shock when walking.

Heavy-duty outdoor socks consist of thicker versions of the lightweight outdoor socks. These provide even more cushion on the balls of the feet, the heels, and they provide padding near the shin area since the individuals wearing these are generally exposed to extreme conditions. It may seem counter-intuitive, but these heavy-duty socks are better in hotter climates because they retain less moisture, causing your feet to stay dry instead of lightweight socks that you will easily sweat through.

Features to look for in socks

Extra padding on the balls of the feet and heels provides extended comfort since these areas are taking the bulk of shock-absorption when walking and running. Make sure the padding is not too tight and compromises the fit of your shoe, as this can cut off circulation to your feet and ankles. You should avoid 100 percent cotton socks, because they quickly absorb sweat and dry slowly, which is a perfect recipe for infection and blisters.

Arch reinforcement socks are an excellent choice for individuals that struggle with pain in the arches of the feet. While footwear is the best remedy for high-arches, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis, socks can play an important role in supporting the arches as well. The tighter weave of these socks acts as a structural cushion near the arches to provide comfort over long distances. Wearing these socks regularly can prevent future damage to the arches in your feet.

If your socks aren’t providing the necessary comfort or support you need, then Kansas City Foot Specialists can help. We can help you diagnose the target areas of the feet, and find socks that perfectly support these areas. Contact us to set up an appointment so you can find your next pair of practical, comfortable socks.

Contact Kansas City Foot Specialists to find the best treatment options for you!

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