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How to care for you feet when you have diabetes

Because your feet are at such great risk when you have diabetes, it’s important to give them extra care. Follow these steps on how to care for your feet as a diabetic:

  1. Check every day for cuts, blisters, or burns on your feet.
  2. Wash cuts and grazes twice a day with soap and water. Seek medical attention immediately if you have foot injury.
  3. Test the temperature of bath water with your elbow to avoid burns on your feet.
  4. Avoid walking barefoot as much as possible, even around the house.
  5. When buying new shoes, wait until the end of the day when your feet are swollen. Make sure your shoes fit well and do not rub your toes or your heels.
  6. Check inside your shoes for rocks and other materials before putting them on your feet.
  7. Wear socks every day to avoid blisters. Make sure socks or hosiery is not too tight.
  8. Wash your feet every day with soap water and dry them well, especially between the toes. Use a moisturizing cream to help prevent cracked skin, especially around the heels.
  9. Consider orthopedic inserts to support flat feet or other structural foot problems. If you have a history of recurrent foot ulcers, talk to your doctor about custom-molded shoes.
  10. Choose exercises with light impact on your feet, and make sure you have the right shoes for any athletic activities.
  11. Quit smoking — nicotine further restricts blood flow to your feet.
  12. Do not skip your insulin injections or other prescribed medications. Use a glucose meter to keep track of your blood sugar, especially before and after meals.
  13. Visit your doctor for regular checkups. Keep track of important health markers such as your weight, blood pressure, and blood sugar.
  14. Visit your podiatrist at least twice a year for a comprehensive foot examination to make sure you catch any foot problems early.

For more details on how to care for your feet when you have diabetes, view the checklist from Spenco Medical Corporation.

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