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Healthy diet, healthy feet

Calcium, vitamin D, and osteoporosis

Calcium and vitamin D are crucial for bone health. When you consider the amount of bones in your feet, you’ll understand why you need to incorporate these nutrients in your diet. There are 52 bones in your feet that support your whole body, so keeping them strong means keeping continued mobility. Without sufficient calcium or vitamin D, bones can weaken over time and lead to a condition known as osteoporosis, which is when bones become frail and brittle, and succumb more easily to breaks and fractures.

Foot stress fractures caused by osteoporosis are common. In fact, one of the first symptoms of osteoporosis is stress fractures. By ensuring your diet consists of an adequate amount of calcium and vitamin D, your risk for developing osteoporosis becomes less likely. Foods such as cheese, yogurt, and fortified milk are obvious options, but kale and spinach contain even more nutrients.

Omega-3 and inflammation

Foot pain and inflammation are common ailments. But having a diet high in omega-3s can help reduce inflammation. If you generally experience foot pain and inflammation, eating fatty fish such as tuna, salmon, and mackerel can help, as well as taking fish oil supplements.

Avoid certain foods that promote and worsen inflammation, which can increase pain and lead to further complications. Foods that can lead to inflammation include:

  • Foods high in sugar
  • Baked goods and junk foods that contain trans fats
  • Refined grains


Exercise plays a key role in keeping your body healthy, and support weight loss while also keeping bones strong. If you walk for exercise on a regular basis, you can reduce bone loss and prevent fractures.

Doctors generally recommend engaging in moderate exercise three to four times a week. Balancing exercises such as Tai Chi and yoga improve bone strength and balance, and reduces your risk for falls and fractures.

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