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Foot conditions that may require surgery: Plantar fasciitis & achilles tendon rupture

Stretching and strengthening exercises may provide relief from symptom caused by plantar fasciitis. If these conservative measures are not effective, your doctor may recommend surgery to release the plantar fascial ligament from its attachment into the heel bone. The surgery is generally performed in an outpatient surgical center. Most patients will be kept non weight bearing for the first 10-14 days and then in a cast boot for 4-5 weeks to allow for better healing.

Achilles tendon damage

The Achilles tendon, the large cord-like structure on the back of the leg, is prone to injury, including rupture during periods of increased stress and activity. Achilles tendon damage may feel like being kicked or hit with a baseball bat in the back of the heel during athletic activity such as running, basketball, baseball, or soccer. An achilles tendon rupture can result in an extreme loss of strength with the inability to effectively walk.

Early treatment for a ruptured achilles tendon is crucial for the best long-term outcome. Surgical repair is the most common treatment and produces the greatest return to function and activity level. There are multiple approaches that can be used to realign the two ends of the ruptured tendon to allow healing. Most patients recover successfully with return to full function in approximately 6 months.

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