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Foot conditions that may require surgery: Hammertoes & soft tissue masses

Typically, a hammertoe is caused by abnormal function of the foot. Often, hammertoe develops from a slight deformity that has grown worse over time.

Several surgical methods are available to treat hammertoes, including:

  • Arthroplasty, or joint resection, which involves removing part of one of the two small joints directly underneath where the toe is crooked. This creates room for the toe to be repositioned.
  • Fusion, in which the ligaments and tendons are cut to help realign the toe, the ends of the bone are cut, and the toe is straightened. Surgical hardware, such as pins or screws may be used to keep the toe straight while the bone ends heal together.
  • Hammertoe implants, which straighten the toes and keep them aligned so that the condition does not return.

Soft tissue masses

Soft tissues masses, the most common being ganglion cysts, are commonly seen in the foot, often in front of the ankle or on the outside of the ankle. These masses may enlarge and then shrink in size. In many instances, the masses are not painful until they reach a size that causes irritation from shoe pressure. If the mass is a ganlionic cyst that is not symptomatic or painful, it usually requires no treatment. If the mass is painful or limiting activity, surgical excision of a ganglion may be needed.

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