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Foot conditions that may require surgery: Hallux limitus/rigidus

Non-surgical treatments can help reduce symptoms associated with hallux limitus and hallux rigidus. If the movement of the big toe is severely restricted or painful, conservative approaches may not help. Surgical approaches to hallux limitus and hallux rigidus include the following:

  • Cheilectomy, a surgical procedure to remove bone spurs from the base of the big toe in order to reduce pain and help the toe bend better. Cheilectomy is often performed with a shortening osteotomy, in which the bone is cut to make it shorter.
  • Fusion of the joint, in which two bones in the toe are fixed together with a metal pin or screw. The bones are allowed to fuse together, which usually takes about three months.
  • Artificial joint replacement, in which one of the joint surfaces is removed and replaced with a plastic or metal surface. Joint replacement can help relieve the pain and preserve the joint motion.

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