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Foot conditions that may require surgery: Bunions

If the bunions are not painful, then surgery may not be necessary. If you are experiencing pain or other problems as a result of bunions, surgery might be required to correct the deformity and relieve the pain. But, if you are experiencing pain, then you should talk with a foot surgeon to determine if one of the many surgical treatment options available is right for you.

Bunions can be treated with a variety of surgical methods, including:

  • Head osteotomy (bone cut), in which the bony prominence is removed from the region of the first metatarsal known as the head, which is located just behind the great toe joint, and the head is shifted in a more anatomical position.
  • Base wedge procedures, which involve removing bone from the base of the metatarsal bone. These procedures allow for more correction in severe bunion cases.

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