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Foot care tips for diabetics

  1. Inspect your feet daily. If you can’t see the top, sides, or bottoms of your feet clearly, use a magnifying mirror or ask a family member for help. Look for any blisters, sores, or other skin problems. If you notice any signs of injuries, cuts, or scrapes, call your physician.
  2. Keep your feet moisturized, but not too moist. Heels tend to crack, so use a good quality foot cream on your heels and the bottoms of your feet daily. Heel cracks can be painful and can allow bacteria to enter. But, don’t get the cream between your toes, where fungus can grow.
  3. Don’t go barefoot or use flip-flops. Exposing your feet to outdoor elements leaves you vulnerable to foot injuries and bacteria. Plus, flip flops typically don’t offer the support you need, and could rub the skin and cause a blister. There are quality, supportive shoes for summer that are much safer than flip flops that can keep you comfortable and protected in the warmer months. Many diabetics wear socks year-round to protect their skin from rubbing.
  4. Look for ingrown toenails. Avoid ingrown toenails by cutting your nails straight across, and be careful not to trim them too short.
  5. Keep your feet moving. Under your physician’s guidance, add more physical activity to your daily routine, such as walking. When you sit down, elevate your feet and move them around by wiggling your toes and gently moving your feet and ankles up and down. This helps keep the circulation to your feet running smoothly.
  6. Stay in contact with your primary care physician and podiatrist. Work with your primary physician to keep your blood sugar under good control. This helps you avoid foot complications and maintain overall good health. See your podiatrist about any foot pain or problems, and get them addressed right away.

Your feet take you where you’re going each day; they’re well worth the extra effort and care when you have diabetes. If you are experiencing any foot pain or problems, contact Kansas City Foot Specialists to get the problem addressed and give your feet the care they deserve.