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Does your bunion require surgery?

Causes of bunions

Bunions aren’t necessarily your fault. Many people think that wearing tight or high-heeled footwear causes bunions, but this is false. Bunions can be caused by genetics, or simply by the way pressure is placed on feet as you walk. If you have arthritis, you may find bunion pain to be more severe, as stiff joints can aggravate the condition.

Non-surgical treatments

Many people who have mild bunions are able to manage their symptoms without surgery. In fact, your podiatrist will likely suggest non-invasive methods first if pain isn’t interfering with your life.

You may be given custom orthotics to help reduce pressure on your bunion, or be instructed to apply ice and take medications like ibuprofen for relief. You should also evaluate your shoes and ensure none of them are too tight, which could cause the bunion to get worse.

When surgery is the answer

Don’t tolerate pain from bunions if it’s holding you back. If non-invasive methods fail, your podiatrist may suggest bunion surgery to correct the issue. There are many ways podiatrists can surgically remove bunions, and these methods will be discussed with you based on your individual needs.

Despite the success of bunion surgery, some people try to “tough it out” because they feel they’re too busy for foot surgery. But with the expertise of a skilled podiatrist, your surgery and recovery can be smooth — and you’ll be able to get on with life without foot pain. Most people who have desk jobs can return to work after about a week. If you spend a lot of time on your feet, you will likely need more time off.

Most patients can attest that the relief they experience after bunion surgery is well worth the small amount of downtime. Don’t let your quality of life suffer because of a painful bunion.

If you’re experiencing foot pain, it’s time to see an expert who can help. Contact the experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists today!