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Coping with foot amputation

Preparing your life for amputation

Before your procedure, consider preparing your home for your life following amputation. Install ramps for the early days of recovery, and strong hand rails for stairs when you become more mobile. In regards to food preparation, freeze meals ahead of time, and allow your family and friends schedule evenings for bringing over dinner.

Accepting help

Trust and understand that the people who love you most will want to help you through this challenging period. After having invasive surgery, you’ll need support from friends and family to guide you through recovery. Additionally, trust your therapists and any medical advice you are given. Physical therapy is an ideal way to become stronger on your own, and as you recover and heal, you’ll eventually find more independence.

Staying positive

Having a positive attitude and perspective can transform any experience, including foot amputation. Keep in mind that amputation is an option that can possibly extend your life. While amputation may not be your ideal solution, be open about your fears, and don’t allow feelings of fear to make the situation worse.

Allowing yourself to heal emotionally

Emotional recovery from amputation is often more complex and intense than physical recovery. You may feel a range of emotions from grief and depression to anger—you may even feel relief. All these emotions are natural, and you are entitled to express them.

Certain factors can influence your emotional recovery, such as your age and health, the nature of how you lost the foot, and your own personality. Answer others’ questions as cordially as possible, but don’t be afraid to say, “I do not want to talk about it” or “I need a listener right now.”

Seek support from other people who have had amputations. If you experience severe anxiety, depression, or other emotional symptoms, you might benefit from counseling. Focus on what you can still do, what you will learn to do, and what you love. Give yourself the time you need. There’s no formula for dealing with the challenges of an amputation, and all recoveries are different based on the individual.

Do you suffer from foot conditions that might be increasing your risk for amputation? The podiatrists at Kansas City Foot Specialists can determine the source of your problem and recommend treatments that can get you back on your feet. Contact us today to request an appointment and learn more about how to improve your foot health.