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Are cycling shoes good for your feet?

If you are a new cyclist, you may want to wait and see if this is an activity that you really want to commit to before you invest in footwear. But once you do, you should notice a huge difference in your comfort and performance.

Here are three facts about cycling shoes you should know about:

1. Cycling shoes are stiff and have clips on the bottom

Clipping your shoes into the pedals on your bikes ensures that your foot is positioned properly on the pedal for maximum transference of energy each time you pedal, and for comfort for long rides. If you don’t clip in, you may slide your foot into the wrong position and put too much force onto the arch of your foot rather than into the pedal. This can lead to stretching your foot too much and soreness at the end of the day.

Cycling shoes are stiff on both the tops and bottoms. The bottom is stiff to provide your foot with a platform to rest on, and the top is stiff to position your foot properly. No more concentrating on holding your foot straight or perfectly in place. You can relax your feet more and they will be less stressed when they don’t have to do so much work.

2. Cycling shoes add power to your pedal

Wearing the proper shoes for cycling means you can get a more efficient push out of each pedal. When your foot is locked into place and you have a platform to stand on, rather than a flimsy running shoe, you have more surface area to transfer your energy into. This means you can work out harder, ride further, and ride faster!

3. Your feet will be able to breathe

Cycling shoes also tend to be more breathable, so your feet can cool off and wick moisture more efficiently. Most pairs have large vents between clips and buckles that let high volume of air flow through. Remember, to maximize your foot’s ability to stay cool and dry, you need to wear socks that don’t soak sweat and hold water or you might develop blisters. Avoid cotton socks and try to wear wool or synthetic socks to really get the fullest potential out of cycling shoes.

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