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7 foot exercises that can help relieve bunions

When left untreated, bunions can lead to worsened foot pain and arthritis. While bunion surgery is available to help correct bunions, you can do a series of special foot exercises that can help increase flexibility and relieve painful bunion symptoms. These exercises will help keep the joint between your big toe and second toe mobile, while also strengthening the muscles that control your big toe.

The following seven exercises can benefit your overall foot health if you currently suffer from bunions. Perform these exercises first thing in the morning and at night before you go to bed for the best results.

1. Toe stretches

Point your toes straight ahead for five seconds, then curl them under for another five seconds. Repeat this movement up to 10 times to help relieve bunions, as well as hammertoes.

2. Toe flexing

Press your toes against a flat, hard surface, such as a wall. Flex and stretch your toes for up to 10 seconds, then repeat four times. Then, flex your toes in the opposite direction and hold for 10 seconds. Repeat four times.

3. Stretching the big toe

Use your fingers to gently pull your big toe into proper alignment. Hold your toe in this position for 10 seconds, and repeat four times. This movement can help improve flexibility of the toe joint.

4. Resistance training

Wrap a thin towel or belt around your big toe, and pull your big toe forward while pushing forward against the towel or belt using your big toe. This resistance exercise will help strengthen the muscles in your big toe.

5. Towel curls

Lay a small towel on the floor, and spread it out. Curl your toes around the towel to grip the object, then pull the towel toward you. Repeat this movement five times to improve flexibility in your toes and foot. Alternately, you could do this same gripping exercises with about 20 marbles. Pick up each marble using your toes, and drop them into a bowl.

6. Ball roll

Place a golf ball on the floor near your feet. Sit down, and roll the ball under your foot for about two minutes to massage the bottom of your foot. This exercise can help relieve any cramping and foot strain triggered by your bunion.

7. Walking on sand

Walking on sand can help provide relief for your feet if you also suffer from arthritis in addition to bunions. Walking on sand will give you a soothing, gentle foot massage, while also helping strengthen your toes since you’re walking on pliable ground. If you don’t live near a beach, look for playgrounds, volleyball courts, and similar venues at which you can walk freely on sand.

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