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3 things you shouldn’t do if your heels hurt

  1. Walk around barefoot. Often times, heel pain is caused by plantar fasciitis, which occurs when the tissue on the bottom of the foot gets over stretched due to excessive flattening of the foot. The excessive strain on this tissue can cause inflammation and pain on the back of the heel, and sometimes causes heel spurs. In order to minimize discomfort and give your feet proper support, make sure you are wearing appropriate footwear, even when indoors. Walking barefoot will flatten your foot with every step, further irritating the plantar fascia. Consider investing in a quality pair of slippers that provide good support for wearing around the house, or simply designate one pair of shoes as your indoor shoes.
  2. Wear worn-out or non-supportive shoes. Even if your shoes were perfect when you first bought them, all shoes wear out over time. The arch may not provide the support it once had, and the shock absorbency may simply be exhausted from daily wear and tear. Examine the shoes you wear every day and look for signs of excessive wear both on the inside and outside of the shoe. If you do a lot of walking or activity, your shoes will likely need to be replaced at least every two years. If you regularly wear high heels, consider taking a break from this type of footwear until the cause of your heel pain has been determined by a podiatrist, and you’ve received proper treatment.
  3. Rest your feet and expect the pain to go away. Often times, heel pain will temporarily subside when you get off your feet. Or, you may think you just overdid it that day and that the pain will go away with some pain relief medication. Unfortunately, if your pain is caused by a heel spur or plantar fasciitis, a night of rest will not cure the condition. Without proper support for your feet and appropriate footwear for your activities, the pain will likely return. Rather than live with ongoing heel pain, consider talking with a podiatrist about your symptoms and ways to give your feet what they need to recover.

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