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3 Foot care tips to heal your achy arches

The truth is that the health of your feet can play an important role in the rest of your overall health. Achiness and pain should not be tolerated in your everyday life. Fortunately, with the right foot care regimen in place, you can side step arch pain and get on with your daily life.

Arch care tip #1: Master the rolling stretch

For this stretch, you will need a tennis ball and about 60 seconds. Place the ball underneath your arch and press down with your foot to gently stretch the ligaments and muscles. Next, slowly roll the ball back and forth with your foot so that the tennis ball massages your arch. This stretch helps to strengthen your feet and loosens up stiffness in the muscles of your soles, joints, and connective tissues.

Arch care tip #2: Avoid excessive weight on your arches

Being overweight is one of the most prevalent causes of fallen arches. The more weight you place on your frame, the more weight your arches must support. Too much weight leads to excessive stretching, and eventually, torn tendons. Losing weight may not reverse your fallen arches, but it can help relieve the pain.

Arch care tip #3: Wear supportive shoes

It may seem obvious that wearing supportive shoes helps to relieve foot pain. What you might not know is that shoes with substantial arch support are not a guarantee against fallen arches. To be truly supportive, your shoes must also have a roomy toe box, a flexible sole, and a firm heel. Also keep in mind that your feet spread throughout the day due to swelling and normal compression of your arches. When purchasing shoes, try them on later in the day, ideally after you have walked around for a bit, so you purchase the right size.

Your feet have a tough job. They absorb shock from the outside world with every step you take. Your arches in particular absorb an extraordinary amount of force. Without proper care, the arches in your feet can be the source of tremendous foot pain. Give your feet the same level of care you would give to the rest of your body, and live a life free of foot pain.

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