Do you have proper running form?


Proper running form is crucial for maintaining long term foot health. Your feet endure extra stress as your body weight shifts back and forth while you run on hard surfaces. Exercising with improper form exposes your feet to a wide variety of injuries that may keep you off your feet for extended periods.

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Tips for healthy feet in the fall season


As the summer dwindles down and the cooler weather rears its head, having healthy feet should be your top priority. The fall months are an excellent time to get back on your feet after a summer full of relaxation.

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Bone spurs: causes, symptoms, treatments

understanding bone spursBone spurs are a pointed outgrowth that can occur on the edges of a bone. These growths generally form where ligaments and tendons attach to the bone. Bone spurs can inflict a great deal of pain, or go entirely unnoticed. The severity of your symptoms depends on the location and shape of your bone spur.

If you believe your foot pain is being caused by bone spurs, contact our foot care specialists.

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What causes numb feet?

causes of numb feetNumbness of the feet occurs when there is a pins-and-needles sensation or a complete loss of feeling in the feet. This sensation can occur and disappear quickly. The numbness may be a result of a wide variety of issues, ranging from severe to non-life threatening.

If you have been experiencing intermittent or continuous numbness in the feet, then contact our specialists to set up an appointment. Your symptoms may be present because of an underlying condition.

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When to seek help for sweaty feet

When your feet sweat all day you are more prone to fungal infections of the feet, such as: athlete's foot, yeast infections, and rashes, as well as viruses such as warts. These infections can be mild or cause a great deal of pain that directly impacts your day-to-day tasks.

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