Shockwave therapy for heel pain [infographic]

heel shock therapy

Have you had heel pain for a while now, and you dread those first few steps out of bed every morning? Is the pain is interfering with your job or your activities? After trying rest, ice, and other conservative treatments at home, what’s left? Perhaps it’s time to visit the podiatrists at Kansas City Foot Specialists. Depending on the nature and cause of your heel pain, we have a variety of treatment options available to you. One is Extracorporeal Shock Wave Treatment (ESWT), a technologically advanced, non-invasive treatment for certain types of heel pain, which is particularly useful for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. When you are ready to take the next step in treating your heel pain, give us a call at 913-338-4440. In the meantime, take a look at the following infographic for more information about ESWT and how it might help you.

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Dance aerobic gym classes and your feet

dancing and foot healthYou love Zumba, hip-hop dance class, and aerobic activities that involve heart-pumping music at the gym. You enjoy working up a sweat, staying fit, and having fun with a group. You see the benefits when you step on the scale, slip into your favorite jeans, and when you have the energy and endurance to keep up with your active family. But, how do those gym classes affect the health of your feet?

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Why are my toes and feet numb? All about peripheral neuropathy

peripheral-neuropathyYou’ve occasionally woken up with a numb or tingling foot or toes, maybe with shooting pains. After a few minutes of moving about or rubbing the affected area, the sensation has been resolved. Recently though, your toes and feet feel odd more and more often, and rubbing the areas or walking around for a while don’t help. If you have been experiencing abnormal sensations in your toes or feet for a while, and the sensations don’t go away, you might be developing a condition called peripheral neuropathy. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition in which nerves in the extremities — in this case the feet and toes — have become damaged.

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A pinched nerve in the ball of the foot: Neuromas

pinched-nerves-and-neuromasOuch, that hurts! You take a step and suddenly feel a “pinched nerve” in your foot between your toes. Or, perhaps you’re experiencing swelling in the same area, numbness or tingling in the ball of the foot, or pain when you place weight on the ball of the foot. These are all common symptoms of a neuroma, or a nerve tumor. 

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Leg cramps could be a sign of Peripheral Arterial Disease

peripheral-arterial-diseaseYou wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps, or perhaps you frequently get leg cramps while walking. No matter what you do, the cramps keep coming back. Lately, your legs have also felt weaker, even cold or numb at times. Perhaps you’ve had sores on your toes, feet, or legs that don’t heal as easily as they should. The leg cramping is preventing you from being comfortable and enjoying your daily activities, and may be distracting you while you work. Is it possible something more is going on? While there may be a number of underlying diseases or problems that are causing your leg to cramp, the most likely cause is Peripheral Arterial Disease.

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