May 2016 newsletter - Uh oh! You hurt your foot!

Kansas City Foot Specialists May 2016 Newsletter
How to tell how seriously you’ve injured your foot
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Use these tips from Kansas City Foot Specialists to identify how much harm has occurred

“Put some ice on it.” We’ve all heard coaches, parents, or friends say it when you’ve been hurt, but some injuries require more attention than the good ole’ RICE method. Some accidents warrant a visit to your podiatrist.

Do you know what to look for when you’ve hurt your foot, ankle, or toes? Follow the steps below to assess the severity of your injury:

  1. Determine the amount of pain - This most obvious step is the first step. It’s important to not try to play tough. Take care of your body by being honest with yourself. Try ranking your pain on a scale of 1-10. The higher the pain, the more likely you may have a serious injury.
  2. Check for swelling - For traumatic injuries, you can expect a little swelling at the area of impact, but a severe injury will swell significantly more than normal.
  3. Check for bruising - Some amount of bruising is normal at an area of impact, but large bruising/discoloration can be the sign of a serious injury
  4. Check if the area can still hold weight - If it hurts to put weight on the injured ankle/foot/toes, then you may have a fracture or sprain that requires medical attention.
  5. See if you still have motion in the area - Swelling, pain, and numbness can render your injured area motionless. Lack of movement can be the symptom of a serious injury.

Using these self-assessment tools can help you determine how badly hurt your foot is, but if you have any doubts on how to answer any of the above, please visit a podiatrist for help. A podiatrist is skilled in identifying and treating foot and ankle injuries. A visit to your foot doctor can get you back on your feet quickly again and help prevent development of a more serious injury.

Schedule an appointment with Kansas City Foot Specialists to see a podiatrist about your injury.

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Did you hurt your foot badly in an accident and want to know if you need surgery? Do you have persistent pain that isn’t the result of a specific incident, but might need surgery to correct? Our doctors use non-invasive procedures to treat pain whenever possible, but some conditions require surgery. Download our free e-book, Do you need foot surgery?, to learn when surgery is necessary.

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Kansas City Foot Specialists staff spotlight!

BriannaWatrous-r1-v1.jpgBrianna Watrous
Billing Manager & Office Assistant

Brianna has been a part of the KC Foot Specialists family for 10 years. She’s responsible for overseeing all of the billing, scheduling surgery, and assisting around the office wherever she’s needed.

Brianna loves working at Kansas City Foot Specialists because her position allows her to talk with everyone and help them get answers to their questions and concerns. She loves seeing the patients who come in with pain and discomfort leave satisfied and pain-free!

When Brianna is not in the office, she enjoys spending time at home on her farm where she has plenty of animals to care for!

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