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Kansas City Foot Specialists February 2016 Newsletter
Learn how to care for your child’s feet during the active seasons!
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Keep your young one safe during sports seasons and physical activities

Many children enjoy being active and participating in sports. Football season just wrapped up, basketball is still in session, and other sports are set to kick off soon! For most, soccer starts in March, and baseball begins in April. Not to mention the amount of time running around outside and playing rough that many kids tend to do as it gets warmer outside.

Learn what you can do to help protect your child’s feet from injury:

  • Encourage safety during practice - More sports injuries occur in practice than in a competitive event because children tend to view practice as a less dangerous environment. Remind them to take the same precautions they would take during a game.
  • Remind them to stretch - Stretching warms up joints, ligaments, tendons, muscles, and encourages blood flow, reducing the risk of an injury.
  • Get new shoes for the new season - The old shoes from last season might be too worn out to support and protect your child’s foot and ankle, even if they still fit.
  • Have a doctor check previous injuries - A sprained ankle from last year can come back to haunt your child if it isn’t properly protected and supported. Your podiatrist can recommend the best course of action.
  • Make sure their setting is safe - Avoid letting children play on fields with holes and dips that can be a risk for injury. If playing indoors, make sure the floor isn’t wet or too slick.

Children might not know the signs of a serious injury. If they don’t receive treatment for an injury, their foot can grow incorrectly. If a child’s foot is in severe pain, take them to a podiatrist who can treat the injury.

Request an appointment   Tips to Properly fit shoes for yourself or child

Soccer season and your child’s foot and ankle health

soccer-foot-injuries-in-children.jpgTis the season for youth soccer. Soccer is a great sport that engages children in teamwork and physical activity, but for some kids it may also lead to injuries. How do you know when soccer injuries are minor or serious and what can you do about them? Check out these facts about foot and ankle health for the soccer season.


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Common foot conditions in children

kids-feet-1.jpgAs children grow older their bodies will experience a lot of change. Of course, they’ll get taller, gain more muscle mass, and lose their baby fat, but one part of their body that we often overlook are their feet. If your child has a foot problem or their foot doesn’t seem to be developing normally, it’s important for you to visit a podiatrist. Don’t shrug it off as something that will pass as they grow. If their foot problems can be treated while they are young, it may prevent bigger problems further on in life.

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