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Time is running out to schedule foot surgery for 2015!
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Have you been putting off foot surgery? Our last available surgery slots for 2015 are quickly filling up! Now is a great time to schedule a procedure if you’ve already met your insurance deductible for the year. And if you have any remaining flex spending funds for 2015, you can apply them towards your surgery as well!

It may be challenging to get around while recovering from a surgery during the winter, but it isn’t as scary as you might think. Follow these tips to learn how you can handle recovering from a surgery this winter:

  • Keep sand and salt in your vehicle to make getting in and out less slippery
  • Stock up on food and supplies before your surgery
  • Practice gentle, indoor exercise routines to stay in shape
  • Invite your friends over to hang out while you recover

The Surgery Center of Blue Valley is an Ambulatory Surgery Center that has been helping people get back on their feet since 2007. Contact us today to speak with our front desk representative Connie about scheduling an appointment!

Keep your feet healthy for the holidays

foot-care-during-the-holiday-season.jpgHolidays can be stressful and chaotic while being fun and sentimental at the same time. But no matter how or when you celebrate, one thing is certain: your feet need attention too. They’re supporting you on shopping trips, dancing through parties, and exposed to the cold, dry air. On top of this, you might be wearing dressy shoes that are less-than-supportive.

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What to expect after foot or ankle surgery

foot-recovery-after-surgery.jpgDuring early days after foot surgery, it is important to keep the foot elevated to reduce swelling, which will help with pain relief and healing. Limiting activity and icing the foot is also quite helpful. Detailed instruction will be given to you depending on the type of surgery performed.

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