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November is National Diabetes Awareness month! Those who aren’t strangers to diabetes are aware of the risks it poses to your feet. Decreased blood flow from diabetes can cause injuries in both your hands and feet. Fortunately, with proper care and regular visits to your podiatrist, you can avoid serious complications. In fact, amputations from diabetes have decreased by over 50 percent in the last 20 years thanks to better medical care! 

Podiatrists are able to detect signs of an ulcer from diabetes in its early stages and start treatment right away. If you have diabetes and are experiencing foot pain, it’s imperative that you see your podiatrist as soon as possible.

Now is a great time to schedule your foot surgery!

Do you have a foot condition that may require surgery, such as bunions or hammertoes? Call Kansas City Foot Specialists to get it scheduled before the end of the year. You may even be able to use any remaining HSA funds to help pay for your procedure. Year-end appointments fill up quickly, so call us today at (913) 338-4440 to secure your spot! 

Hear from a real Kansas City Foot Specialists patient!

Meet Roz, a Kansas City Foot Specialists patient with diabetes. Roz relies on the expertise of our experienced podiatrists to diagnose foot problems early and treat them before they develop into a more serious problem.

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How to care for you feet when you have diabetes

KCFS_November_Newsletter_blog_2When you have diabetes, it’s important to stay diligent in monitoring your health to avoid serious consequences, such as pressure ulcers or even a foot amputation. Diabetes is the number one cause of foot amputation because it restricts blood flow to the feet. When blood can’t properly get to your feet, ulcers can develop, and patients are also at risk of decreased sensitivity to cuts, burns, and other injuries since the nerves can’t function correctly without blood. 

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Global diabetes facts you’ll want to know about

KCFS_November_NewsletterDiabetes is a major contributor to health conditions that can seriously harm your feet. It’s the number-one reason people have to get foot amputations, and it can affect the rest of your body as well. Often, diabetes-related health complications are a result of unawareness of the severity of the condition, poor healthcare, or inattentiveness to one’s own medical needs.

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Spread the awareness of diabetes this month!
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