1st December 2014 newsletter - Meet our doctor of the month Dr. Phillips

Meet our doctor of the month, Dr. Phillips

Meet our doctor of the month, Dr. Phillips!

Happy Holidays from the Foot Specialists!

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The doctors and staff at Kansas City Foot Specialists wish you and yours a happy holiday season! Remember to take good care of your feet this winter, as extreme temperatures and wet weather can make your feet more susceptible to bacterial infections and frostbite. Always wear weather-appropriate footwear, and keep your feet dry after coming in from the cold and snow. Contact us at Kansas City Foot Specialists today if you have any concerns about foot-related conditions or injuries! 

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Meet Dr. Jennifer Phillips

Jennifer-G-Phillips-DPMDid you know, Dr. Phillips is a Kansas City native? She left for a short while to receive her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry at Arizona State University. Then she went to Des Moines University to receive her Doctor of Podiatric Medicine degree where she trained along with students receiving Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degrees & physical therapy degrees.

Dr. Phillips is a respected podiatrist who has been providing her patients, both children and adults, with the foot care they need to return to their everyday lives.

"My goal is to improve my patient's quality of life, and to help them maintain an active and healthy lifestyle."

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Puncture wounds and your feet

puncture-wounds-on-feetYou are running through the grass, barefoot, when suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your foot. Or, perhaps you are in the garage looking for something and accidentally step on a nail. In the kitchen, you are washing dishes when you drop a glass and step on a shard when cleaning up. These are just a few examples of puncture wounds to the feet. While puncture wounds may seem minor and often are, they require prompt treatment to prevent further complications.

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Foot and toe blisters

foot-and-toe-blistersFew of us have been lucky enough to avoid the pain and irritation of blisters on our feet and toes. Perhaps your blisters were caused by hiking or running for a long period of time, or perhaps you were wearing poorly-fitting shoes. Whatever the cause, blisters are painful and irritating, yet for most of us they are not terribly difficult to manage.

Foot blister basics

Foot blisters affect more than five million Americans annually. Most blisters are caused by friction against the skin, resulting in a buildup of fluid between the uppermost layer of the skin and the layers underneath. Severe blisters may cause changes in your gait (how you walk).

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