October 2014 newsletter - Meet the man behind the foot!

Meet the man behind the foot!

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Did you know, while attending Kansas Wesleyan University, Dr. Laha played basketball, was an outstanding track & cross country athlete, and graduated with honors? He was later inducted into the Kansas Wesleyan Athletic Hall of Fame in 1997.

Dr. Laha is a specialist in the medical and surgical treatment of the foot. He is recognized by the medical community as a leading provider of foot care in the Kansas City area. His extensive training has made him an expert in reconstructive foot surgery and sports medicine of the lower extremity.

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dr-laha-no-foot-painHave foot pain and need help? Our team of highly educated and trained doctors are passionate and experienced in treating even the most complex foot issues. Request an appointment with Dr. Laha to learn how we can help!

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Monitor athletic shoe wear and tear for happy feet

monitoring-athletic-shoe-wearWhen was the last time you looked at the bottom of your shoes? If the last time you inspected the bottom of your shoes was to see if you stepped in something unfortunate, it may be time to take another look. Although many athletes may know if they are pronators, supinators, or if they have neutral feet, many others aren’t aware of the biomechanics of their feet, or aren’t aware of how their feet may increase or decrease their risk of injury. Your shoes may offer clues, particularly the wear patterns on the soles and the creases across the top.

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Childhood obesity and foot pain

childhood-obesity-and-foot-painWe hear about childhood obesity a lot in the news media, which is no surprise since one-third of all children are now either clinically overweight or obese. Unfortunately, obesity in childhood leads to many difficulties not only at a young age, but into the teenage years and adulthood. One of the problems associated with childhood obesity is foot and lower leg pain. Unfortunately, foot and leg problems may lead to an increasingly sedentary life, which begins to create a vicious cycle that may be hard to break, particularly for a child.

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