September 2015 newsletter - Gear up for upcoming races and sports games


Gear up for upcoming races and sports games

Protect your feet and your family’s by getting the right shoes for every occasion!


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Wear the correct shoes for every occasion and visit your
friendly podiatrist for any foot problems

Whether gearing up for the next big race this weekend or preparing your child for the next big game on Friday night, you want to ensure the health of your family’s feet. That begins with wearing the right shoes for each activity. Did you know there are three types of cleats for football players depending on their position?

Educating yourself on the specifics of shoes designed for your family’s comfort can help prevent many injuries and foot problems. However, even if you take every precaution, problems can arise. Pay attention to any pain in your children’s feet or your own. Don’t dismiss any pain that lasts for a prolonged period, especially if it isn’t alleviated by wearing different shoes or resting.

If you think you or a loved one may have a foot problem, schedule an appointment with Kansas City Foot Specialists. Our expert doctors can diagnose foot problems, give advice on treatment, discuss available options, and perform surgeries in our in-house surgical center. Foot problems that may require surgery should be addressed as soon as possible. If you’ve already met your insurance deductible for 2015, you’ll want to schedule any necessary procedures before the end of the year. Funds in a medical spending account may also be eligible for reconstructive foot surgery.

Don’t dismiss pain and wait for it to manifest into a more serious problem — contact Kansas City Foot Specialists today!

Request an appointment today!


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Hear from a real Kansas City Foot Specialists patient!

Screen_shot_2015-09-02_at_3.45.30_PMMeet Justin, a patient of Dr. Hall’s who suffered from toe problems caused by running track and being flat-footed. Dr. Hall worked with him to diagnose, discuss treatment options, and schedule surgery to alleviate the pain.


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