August 2015 newsletter - Keep your child's feet healthy

Keep your child’s feet healthy this school year!
Schedule an appointment now if your child has foot pain.
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Get your child ready for the school year with help from Kansas City Foot Specialists

Make sure your child starts the school year off on the right foot! That means paying attention to any foot pain your child may be experiencing — including any skin and nail issues.

A long summer of wearing flip-flops can lead to problems involving the arch and heel of the foot. Flip-flops often don’t cushion the heel, which can become inflamed after walking for long periods of time in shoes without proper support.

In addition, look for signs of flatfoot, painful inflammation of the heel (Sever’s disease), ingrown toenails, skin disorders, painful bunions, and plantar warts. These conditions can develop if your child wears the incorrect shoe size or tight socks. Flat feet, human papilloma virus (HPV), or too much repetitive stress on the heel bone are also risk factors for these common foot conditions.

Another concern for many parents involves sports. It’s important to remember that your child’s feet should be protected during activities such as football, basketball, soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse. However, you should make sure your child’s shoes are not hindering the motion of the great toe joint, which can cause turf toe injuries. Look for pain, tenderness, and swelling in your child’s toes to determine if he or she may be suffering from a turf toe injury.

As always, make sure your child is wearing the proper size and type of shoe for every activity. Wearing running shoes while playing a sport meant for cleats can cause slips, falls, twists, and other motions that can be harmful to your child’s feet, ankles, and legs.

If you’re concerned about the health of your child’s feet, request an appointment with the Kansas City Foot Specialists today. We want to make sure your child begins the school year with healthy feet!

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