March 2015 newsletter - Make sure your feet are ready for Spring


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Step into spring on the right foot!

Make sure your feet are healthy for the warmer weather

Spring is nearly here, and we want to make sure your feet are healthy for all the warmer weather activities you enjoy. Soon it will be the season for running, biking and playing soccer. Make sure your feet are prepared! 

Exercising with pain and discomfort can bring on more foot problems. Come in to see the Kansas City Foot Specialists. We can discuss possible treatment options to get you ready for spring. 

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How flip flops can affect your foot health

risks-associated-with-wearing-flip-flopsAlthough the first day of spring doesn’t officially start until March 20, you might be looking forward to shedding your winter clothing in exchange for t-shirts, shorts, and flip flops. Flip flops are the go-to spring and summer shoes for many Americans because they allow your feet to breathe in hot temperatures, and are convenient for slipping on when you feel like stepping outside or leaving the house. However, flip flops can actually have a negative impact on your foot health, especially if you wear them in place of regular shoes.

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When is bunion surgery required?


For patients with bunions that don’t respond well to conservative treatments, bunion surgery may be required. The particular approach used by your podiatrist during your bunion surgery will depend on several factors, including the severity of the bunion, your overall health, and your activity level. Age and chronic health conditions may not prevent you from undergoing bunion surgery, but they are important considerations when planning your procedure.

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