September 2014 newsletter - The pros and cons of running barefoot

September 2014 newsletter - The pros and cons of running barefoot


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If you’ve begun to notice a bump on the inner edge of your foot that isn’t going away, you may have a bunion. Without intervention, this common foot deformity progressively worsens over the years, often causing pain and discomfort. Our free ebook will answer any questions you may have about bunions — what they are, how to prevent and treat them, and what to expect if surgery is required. Download your copy today to learn more!

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Kansas City foot doctorHave foot pain and need help? Our team of highly educated and trained doctors are passionate and experienced in treating even the most complex foot issues.  Our doctors love what they do and always look forward to meeting new faces and challenges.

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Back to school — preparing for fall sports

Screen_Shot_2014-07-24_at_9.19.13_AMFor many kids, school is either already back in session or will be starting at any time. With the start of school comes the start of fall sports. With the return of fall sports comes an increase in injuries, particularly in the ankles and lower legs of student-athletes. Such injuries are most commonly associated with football, soccer, and basketball, but if you have a student participating in any physical activity, there are steps you can take to help your child maintain healthy feet, ankles, and legs.

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The pros and cons of running barefoot

Screen_Shot_2014-07-24_at_9.22.18_AMBarefoot running and running in minimalist shoes has become a popular trend over the last several years. If you are a runner, or considering taking up the sport, how do you know if barefoot or minimalist running is for you?

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