July 2014 newsletter - Most Americans suffer from foot problems

July 2014 newsletter - Most Americans suffer from foot problems


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Suffering from heel pain? Heel pain is a common foot ailment that can interfere with normal daily activities. Heel pain can be caused by overuse, injury, running too often, wearing poorly fitting shoes, or numerous other factors.

Left untreated, heel pain can become disabling, but with proper care, symptoms can easily be alleviated. Request an appointment with Kansas City Foot Specialists today to end your pain!

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heel-pain-ebookHeel pain: prevention, causes, and treatment

Our free e-book will tell you exactly how to care for your feet in order to treat or prevent heel pain, and when you should consider symptoms severe enough to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist. 

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Most Americans suffer from foot problems

foot-problems-in-americaHow important is foot health to you compared to eye health, nutrition, and exercise? How often do you experience foot pain? Have you been to a podiatrist? These are just a few of the questions asked in an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) survey carried out earlier this year. Of particular interest in the survey results is the fact that more than 75 percent of Americans suffer from foot pain, but only one-third would have sought care from a podiatrist.

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A pinched nerve in the ball of the foot: Neuromas

pinched-nerves-and-neuromasOuch, that hurts! You take a step and suddenly feel a “pinched nerve” in your foot between your toes. Or, perhaps you’re experiencing swelling in the same area, numbness or tingling in the ball of the foot, or pain when you place weight on the ball of the foot. These are all common symptoms of a neuroma, or a nerve tumor.

Thankfully, neuromas are benign, despite their painful and annoying symptoms. 

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