May 2014 newsletter - Free ebook! Heel pain - prevention, causes and treatment

May 2014 newsletter - Free ebook! Heel pain - prevention, causes and treatment


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Kansas City Foot Specialists is excited to announce that we have launched a new website! Our new site is designed to better showcase our array of services and provide our clients with valuable information regarding foot disorders and new treatments. Please visit view our new website and let us know what you think!

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Free e-book: Heel pain: prevention, causes, and treatment

heel_pain_ebookLeft untreated, heel pain can become disabling, but with proper care, symptoms can easily be alleviated. Our free e-book, Heel pain: prevention, causes, and treatment, will tell you exactly how to care for your feet in order to treat or prevent heel pain, and when you should consider symptoms severe enough to schedule an appointment with your podiatrist.

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Protect your lower legs and feet from the sun this summer

Sun-Protection-LegsIn sunny weather conditions, most of us are great about protecting our skin from the waist and up. Unfortunately, we often forget our legs and feet until it’s too late. Exposing our legs and feet to the sun consistently can increase the risk for skin cancer and other conditions that can lead to pain and discomfort.

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The top 5 running injuries seen by podiatrists


You are a runner. You pride yourself on racking up the miles every week. During your daily run, you de-stress, relax, and re-energize. Then, one day, you go out for your regular run and suddenly something doesn’t feel right. Or, maybe you have a twinge that gets worse with every run. Whether the running-related injury is sudden or gradual, the podiatrists at Kansas City Foot Specialists have seen every running-related injury under the sun. Read on to learn more about the top five running injuries seen by podiatrists.

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