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[Infographic] - 5 Things You’re Doing That Could Be Hurting Your Feet

foot painAlthough they don’t seem like it, feet are a delicate part of your body. Most people don’t realize the beating their feet take each day or that they’re doing certain things that can cause damage to your feet without realizing. Even minuscule details, such as the types of socks and shoes you wear, can have serious consequences when it comes to your foot health. Take a look at some common dangers to protect your feet from.

Are you wearing the right shoes?

finding the right shoes for your feetShoes are an important part of your everyday wardrobe, and there are thousands of styles, colors, fabrics, and fits to choose from.

But finding the right shoes is about much more than just fashion. Some shoes can actually encourage or aggravate foot disorders and pain. The wrong style or an improper fit could leave you with a foot problem that interferes with your daily activities.

Bone spurs: causes, symptoms, treatments

understanding bone spursBone spurs are a pointed outgrowth that can occur on the edges of a bone. These growths generally form where ligaments and tendons attach to the bone. Bone spurs can inflict a great deal of pain, or go entirely unnoticed. The severity of your symptoms depends on the location and shape of your bone spur.

If you believe your foot pain is being caused by bone spurs, contact our foot care specialists.

Bye Bye Bunions: What Is A Bunion & How To Treat One

Do you have a bony bump on the outside of your big toe? Chances are, it’s a bunion. But what is it, why is it there, and most importantly how do you treat it?

Common causes of toenail fungus (and tips for prevention)

preventing toenail fungusToenail fungus can be an embarrassing problem, resulting in thick, yellow toenails that don’t look pleasing with summer’s sandals and flip-flops. Toenail fungal infections are very common, affecting approximately 14 percent of the population.

Symptoms of a toenail fungal infection include nails that are yellowed, thickened, or that crumble. You may also notice a dull or darkened appearance. In severe cases, the nail may separate from the nail bed and may have a foul odor.

Common occupational foot hazards

foot hazards and foot injuries at workWhen most people think of occupational hazards, they think of falling objects, slippery floors, and heavy equipment. Did you know some of the safest-looking jobs can be hazardous for your feet and legs? Today we’ll examine a few of the occupations that put your feet at risk of injury.

Discover how to care for your feet this National Men’s Health Month

foot care during men's health monthJune is National Men’s Health Month, and this is a great time of year for both men and women to learn how to care for their feet. Caring for your feet is important because they are crucial to remaining physically active and having a higher quality of life. Kansas City Foot Specialists is an expert in foot and ankle healthcare, so we’ve put together a list of helpful tips for you to keep in mind.

Do you have proper running form?


Proper running form is crucial for maintaining long term foot health. Your feet endure extra stress as your body weight shifts back and forth while you run on hard surfaces. Exercising with improper form exposes your feet to a wide variety of injuries that may keep you off your feet for extended periods.

Fitness and your feet

fitness and your feetPeople often overlook the importance of strengthening their feet during their workout regimen. The feet act as a foundation for many exercises involving balance, lower body strength, and agile movements. Strengthening your feet can help to improve your lifts and prevent exercise-related injuries.

Flip flop tips: Wear this style without harming your feet

wearing flip flops during the summerNothing feels quite as freeing as slipping on a pair of flip-flops and enjoying the summer sun. But before you head out, take a moment to focus on your feet. Flip-flops can be a foot health hazard waiting to happen.

Flip-flops are responsible for thousands of podiatrist and emergency room visits due to their lack of protection, support, and stability. But you don’t necessarily have to give up your flip-flops completely. Most people can wear them safely if they know the right way to sport this style:

Foot and ankle safety: Tips for athletes

foot and ankle safety in sportsFor many sports, your feet take the brunt of the beating from repetitive play. Running, cutting, jumping, kicking, and getting stepped on are many risky actions that can lead to a foot or ankle injury. Below are four popular sports and their most common injuries.

Foot care for the elderly

senior citizens foot careAs we age, our bodies become more fragile, and our feet are particularly vulnerable. Senior citizens, including those who are fastidious about foot care, face several common foot problems. Today, we’ll examine what those are and how to treat them.

Foot Pain That Won’t Go Away? You Could Have a Neuroma!


Sick of that nagging, annoying pain in your foot? It could be a neuroma! Certain foot issues, including neuromas, can not only cause extreme discomfort, they can eventually lead to permanent damage if left untreated. Luckily, the experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists are breaking down all you need to know about this common foot problem so you can identify the issue and get the treatment you need.

Foot rash: Causes, symptoms, and treatments

causes of foot rash Are you suffering from symptoms related to foot rash? If so, it’s important to understand the causes of foot rash and the proper steps for treatment.

A foot rash can develop for a multitude of reasons. The rash may be mild and only affect a small portion of the foot, or it could be severe and rapidly spread up the leg. It is important to understand the cause of the rash and what type of rash it is.

How High Blood Pressure Affects Your Feet

High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is the excessive force of blood pushing against the arterial walls as your heart pumps blood throughout your body. When left untreated, you can experience decreased blood flow as well as many other serious health risks. Even though high blood pressure affects your entire body, symptoms can be commonly seen in the lower legs and feet.

How smoking negatively impacts your feet

smoking and foot healthMost people are aware of the negative side effects associated with smoking, such as damaged lungs, an increased risk of cancer, and tooth decay. However, these same individuals may not know or understand how smoking can negatively impact their feet and overall foot health.

How to avoid infection after a pedicure


Getting a pedicure is a common way of pampering and grooming your feet. You can sit back and relax as the cosmetic specialists soak and scrub your feet, file your nails, and massage your feet. Your pedicure environment should be comfortable and safe, and it is always a good idea to make sure everything is in place to avoid contracting a foot infection.

How to get the best (and safest) pedicure

choosing the right pedicureStrappy shoes, barefoot on the beach, and flip flops everywhere you look — it’s pedicure season. A pedicure can actually be a great way to pamper your feet and keep them healthy.

If you’re going to a salon for your pedicure, make sure you know how to spot the ones who are properly cleaned and sanitized — and the ones you should skip.

Managing your foot psoriasis

remedying your foot psoriasis symptomsPsoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that affects nearly 3 percent of the world’s population. The condition is present in many different areas of the body but is commonly located on the feet. Individuals with foot psoriasis experience a wide variety of symptoms, including cracked and itchy skin, bleeding, and flare-ups.

Your quality of life is jeopardized when you start showing symptoms. Simple tasks such as walking, running, or wearing shoes can be excruciating. If your condition affects your work, it could lead to a financial burden as well. Don’t let foot psoriasis control your life.

Oh, baby: foot care during your pregnancy

foot care while pregnantAn upcoming addition to the family is the most exciting time, but also one that means a lot of changes for the new mom — both emotionally and physically.

During pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes changes that often lead to pain in the feet and lower extremities. Weight changes alter the center of gravity and place increased strain on the feet. Swelling during the third trimester can also cause serious foot pain and difficulty walking. Hormonal changes can cause ligament laxity, which can put additional pressure on the feet and lower legs. Many pregnant women suffer from extreme foot and lower body pain, particularly during the later stages of pregnancy.