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Common occupational foot hazards

foot hazards and foot injuries at workWhen most people think of occupational hazards, they think of falling objects, slippery floors, and heavy equipment. Did you know some of the safest-looking jobs can be hazardous for your feet and legs? Today we’ll examine a few of the occupations that put your feet at risk of injury.

Fitness and your feet

fitness and your feetPeople often overlook the importance of strengthening their feet during their workout regimen. The feet act as a foundation for many exercises involving balance, lower body strength, and agile movements. Strengthening your feet can help to improve your lifts and prevent exercise-related injuries.

Foot and ankle safety: Tips for athletes

foot and ankle safety in sportsFor many sports, your feet take the brunt of the beating from repetitive play. Running, cutting, jumping, kicking, and getting stepped on are many risky actions that can lead to a foot or ankle injury. Below are four popular sports and their most common injuries.

Foot Pain That Won’t Go Away? You Could Have a Neuroma!


Sick of that nagging, annoying pain in your foot? It could be a neuroma! Certain foot issues, including neuromas, can not only cause extreme discomfort, they can eventually lead to permanent damage if left untreated. Luckily, the experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists are breaking down all you need to know about this common foot problem so you can identify the issue and get the treatment you need.

How to avoid infection after a pedicure


Getting a pedicure is a common way of pampering and grooming your feet. You can sit back and relax as the cosmetic specialists soak and scrub your feet, file your nails, and massage your feet. Your pedicure environment should be comfortable and safe, and it is always a good idea to make sure everything is in place to avoid contracting a foot infection.

The Top Benefits of Choosing a Podiatrist with A Licensed, On-Site Surgery Center


Nobody likes the idea of surgery, but the experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists are dedicated to getting you on your feet again with the most convenient surgery experience and the only on-site surgery center in Kansas City. Continue reading to find out some of the many benefits of our on-site surgery center and why more patients are choosing us for all their footcare needs.

Tips for healthy feet in the fall season


As the summer dwindles down and the cooler weather rears its head, having healthy feet should be your top priority. The fall months are an excellent time to get back on your feet after a summer full of relaxation.