[Infographic] - 5 Things You’re Doing That Could Be Hurting Your Feet

foot painAlthough they don’t seem like it, feet are a delicate part of your body. Most people don’t realize the beating their feet take each day or that they’re doing certain things that can cause damage to your feet without realizing. Even minuscule details, such as the types of socks and shoes you wear, can have serious consequences when it comes to your foot health. Take a look at some common dangers to protect your feet from.


If you experience any lasting pain, schedule a visit with an expert podiatrist. Having your feet checked for any issues can identify a problem early on and possibly offer more treatment options.

5 things you're doing that are hurting your feet infographic

Your feet are a vital part of your everyday routine! Have your feet checked regularly in order to identify and prevent problems early on. Call your local experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists at (913) 338-4440 or contact us online today!


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