Are you wearing the right shoes?

finding the right shoes for your feetShoes are an important part of your everyday wardrobe, and there are thousands of styles, colors, fabrics, and fits to choose from.

But finding the right shoes is about much more than just fashion. Some shoes can actually encourage or aggravate foot disorders and pain. The wrong style or an improper fit could leave you with a foot problem that interferes with your daily activities.

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Do you have flatfeet?

causes and effects of flatfeetA normal human foot has a gap, or arch, on the underside that naturally forms during the early years of childhood. For some people, that arch never develops or it loosens over time, resulting in flatfeet or fallen arches.

The foot’s arch plays a role in how you walk. If the arch is flat or too low to the ground, this can strain certain muscles, tendons, and joints in the feet and legs. It can cause overpronation when you walk or run. Most frequently, it puts strain on the ankles that are forced to turn inward as you step.  

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The cold, hard truth about your high heels

high heels are bad for your feetMany women love them, and they’ve been a staple in shoe stores for decades. And though many would argue that high heels look beautiful and elegant, there’s nothing pretty about the foot, leg, and back problems they can cause when you wear them too frequently.

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How to get the best (and safest) pedicure

choosing the right pedicureStrappy shoes, barefoot on the beach, and flip flops everywhere you look — it’s pedicure season. A pedicure can actually be a great way to pamper your feet and keep them healthy.

If you’re going to a salon for your pedicure, make sure you know how to spot the ones who are properly cleaned and sanitized — and the ones you should skip.

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Osteoarthritis: Symptoms and treatment

identifying and treating osteoarthritisAlthough there are many different types of arthritis, they all have one thing in common: joint inflammation. The most common type of arthritis, osteoarthritis, can affect many of the joints, including the feet and ankles, leading to pain that can be debilitating.

Because osteoarthritis is so common, many people think it’s an inevitable part of aging. Osteoarthritis affects up to half of all adults at some point in their lives, but certain factors may make you more likely to get it. Genetics, your age, infections, a past joint injury, and your weight can all play a role.

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