Five ways to keep your feet healthy

5 ways to healthy feet

Most of us spend a significant part of our day on our feet whether as part of our jobs, doing chores at home, or going out with friends and family. As a result, our feet take a beating. Whether you have foot problems or not, taking care of your feet should play an important part in your daily routine.

 Here are five tips to help keep your feet in tip-top shape:

    1. Keep your feet clean. It’s not enough just to stand in the shower, wash your body, and hope the water and soap will trickle down to your feet and toes. For healthy feet, be sure to take a minute or two to scrub your feet, heels, soles, toes, and in between. Basic soap and water are plenty to get the job done. While washing your feet, also feel for any abnormalities like bumps and lumps or sore spots. Bring these to the attention of your podiatrist.

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Treating and avoiding athlete's foot

treating and avoiding athletes foot

Imagine this: You’ve been working out regularly and making time for your health and fitness, but lately you've noticed a bit of foot discomfort. At first, you think nothing of it because it's just a little tickle, but, as time goes on, that sensation between your toes turns into full-blown itching and burning. Before you know it, it starts spreading to the rest of your foot with other symptoms such as dry and scaly skin, inflammation, and blisters.

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