Heel pain — calcaneus fractures

heel pain

One of the most common complaints we treat at Kansas City Foot Specialists is heel pain, and a significant number of these cases are related to the largest bone in the foot: the calcaneus. Fractures of the calcaneus are typically much worse than other fractures with greater risk for long-term complications. As a result, it is imperative that these fractures are diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. If not treated promptly and properly, the result may be irreparable joint stiffness in the foot and ankle -- making walking difficult.

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Long-distance running and stress fractures of the feet

running stress fractures

Long-distance running has experienced a growth in popularity over the last several years, and although there are many health benefits to running, long-distance runners are particularly prone to a number of foot and leg injuries. Fractures, particularly stress fractures, account for a significant number of those injuries. The difficulty for many long-distance runners is that stress fractures are often not easily visible on a regular x-ray and as a result, may not be diagnosed right away.

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What are shoe inserts and custom orthotics?

shoe inserts and custom orthotics Shoe inserts and orthotics are the same thing, aren’t they? In fact, they aren’t. Although shoe inserts and orthotics provide similar functions, there are some key differences, and depending on your foot and podiatric needs, the differences can be quite important.

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Preparing for your first podiatry appointment

podiatry appointment

Your first visit to Kansas City Foot Specialists should be relatively stress-free. Chances are you have already seen your primary care doctor for a foot or ankle problem and they have given you a referral for a podiatry evaluation. Whether you are need podiatry care for diabetic foot ulcers, neuropathy, tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, or any other problem, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your first appointment.

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Flip-flops - how to select a properly fitting pair of these misunderstood sandals

Flip Flop Sandals

Warm, sunny days are just around the corner and in warmer weather, many of you will likely be wearing flip-flops. From a podiatry point of view, flip-flops have historically been controversial as footwear. Flip-flops have been blamed for a variety of foot and ankle ailments that range from sprains to fractures and a number of other conditions. While it is true that some flip-flops are more dangerous than others, Kansas City Foot Specialists would like to provide you with some guidelines to help you find a pair of flip-flops that are safe and fit properly. When selecting flip-flops, you will need to pay attention to four key elements: surface area, stability, materials, and overall safety.

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