Heel pain: Causes, prevention, and treatment [Infographic]

causes of heel pain

Heel pain often begins mildly but can become worse over time. Left untreated, it may become disabling. If you experience pain with redness, swelling, or heat, or pain that is limiting your activity, consult our experts in podiatric medicine. Kansas City Foot Specialists treat all aspects of heel pain, and we specialize in shockwave therapy, a technologically advanced treatment option.

Prior to your appointment, it may be helpful to have an understanding of heel pain prevention, causes, common heel ailments, diagnosis, and treatment options. We’ve summarized them all for you in this fun infographic.

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Foot and ankle injuries in martial arts

martial-arts-foot-injuriesAiyah! You hear it over and over in martial arts, but what happens when your battle cry of “aiyah!” turns into a whimper of “ow!?” Those who learn and practice martial arts may be physically fit and well trained, but even the best may suffer an injury, and for many, those injuries involve the feet and ankles.

Martial arts training can be broken down into two categories: traditional and modern.

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Tarsal tunnel syndrome

tarsal-tunnel-syndromeOver the years you’ve noticed a slight tingling sensation along the bottom of your foot, but lately it’s been getting worse. Sometimes, the edge of your foot even feels numb. Perhaps you’ve been ignoring it, thinking that you slept in an odd position, or maybe had your legs crossed for too long. Yet, it seems to be present more and more frequently, almost constantly. Although there a number of possible reasons for these changes, one diagnosis might be tarsal tunnel syndrome.

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When regular socks aren’t enough: Making the most of therapeutic hosiery

therapeutic-hosieryYour legs tire easily. They swell for no apparent reason. Your feet seem to develop sores frequently. If you have diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or any other condition, these might be common concerns. You may already be experiencing such symptoms, or perhaps you are hoping to avoid them before they begin. If so, it’s possible you may benefit from the use of therapeutic hosiery or compression stockings. Read on to learn more about when these types of stockings are indicated and what properties to look for when selecting therapeutic hosiery.

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Diagnosed with heel spurs, but what are they?

heel-spursYou saw your primary care doctor for heel pain, had some x-rays, and went home with a seemingly simple diagnosis of heel spurs. But what exactly are heel spurs and what does this diagnosis mean to you? Is your heel pain actually caused by the heel spurs or were they found incidentally on your x-rays? For many years it was thought that heel spurs were the cause of many cases of heel pain; however, more recent research has revealed that this may be a flawed idea. Perhaps it’s time to have your heel pain and diagnosis of heel spurs investigated by a podiatrist, a doctor specially trained in diagnosing and treating conditions of the foot, ankle, and lower leg.

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