Heel Pain That Won’t Go Away? KC Foot Specialists Can Help

Time and time again we treat patients with long-term heel pain who thought that there wasn’t any treatment for permanent relief. Popular treatment options include various over-the-counter medications and shoe inserts, which rarely provide long-term relief. So what can be done for a patient who suffers from chronic heel pain with no relief from typical treatment methods? Simply put: schedule a consultation with a  podiatrist.

Doctors Laha, Hall, and Phillips at Kansas City Foot Specialists are ready to pick up where your primary care doctor or home treatment fell short. Our doctors have been able to offer many patients a significant improvement and long-term relief for their chronic heel pain.

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Finding the Perfect Fit: Tips for Trying on Shoes

finding proper shoe fitMost people are wearing shoes that look better than they feel or fit. Properly fitting shoes are the first and easiest step towards relieving your persistent foot, leg, or back pain. With care, you can easily have both fashion and function. In order to select properly fitting shoes, you must first pay attention to three key fit areas when trying on shoes.






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Is My Toe Stubbed or Broken? 6 Tips For Assessing Your Injury

We’ve all been there. That moment when you're rushing around your home barefoot and BAM! You slam your toe into the corner of a table leg, or some other object, in your path. That excruciating, familiar pain shooting through your big toe can seem like the death of you, but how can you tell how much damage was really done? Did you just stub your toe, or is it something worse? The experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists are here to help you find out. 

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Ask the Podiatrist: Why Are My Feet Numb and Tingly?

Most of us have experienced a numb foot at one time or another, often referred to as a “pins and needles” sensation. These feelings often occur as a result of remaining in the same place for an extended period of time, or sleeping in a way that reduces blood flow to the affected area.

Generally, with symptoms such as these, normal sensation typically returns without any issues. If you’re experiencing prolonged numbness or tingling in your feet frequently, it’s time to visit Kansas City Foot Specialists. We’ve compiled a list of more serious conditions that can be indicated by common foot tingling and/or numbness.

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The Top Benefits of Choosing a Podiatrist with A Licensed, On-Site Surgery Center


Nobody likes the idea of surgery, but the experts at Kansas City Foot Specialists are dedicated to getting you on your feet again with the most convenient surgery experience and the only on-site surgery center in Kansas City. Continue reading to find out some of the many benefits of our on-site surgery center and why more patients are choosing us for all their footcare needs.

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