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Heel Pain That Won’t Go Away? KC Foot Specialists Can Help

Time and time again we treat patients with long-term heel pain who thought that there wasn’t any treatment for permanent relief. Popular treatment options include various over-the-counter medications and shoe inserts, which rarely provide long-term relief. So what can be done for a patient who suffers from chronic heel pain with no relief from typical treatment methods? Simply put: schedule a consultation with a  podiatrist.

Doctors Laha, Hall, and Phillips at Kansas City Foot Specialists are ready to pick up where your primary care doctor or home treatment fell short. Our doctors have been able to offer many patients a significant improvement and long-term relief for their chronic heel pain.


Where to Begin

When treating your chronic heel pain, your podiatrist will begin by providing you with a balance of aggressive and conservative treatment options. The goal is to significantly relieve your pain as quickly as possible, and while this sounds good, don’t forget that heel pain takes time and requires open communication between you and your podiatrist.

The more strictly you are able to follow your doctor’s plan for your particular needs, the more likely you'll be able to find relief from your pain. It could very possibly take several months, or even up to a year before you feel complete relief from your chronic heel pain. This is why it’s very important that you keep visiting your podiatrist, follow through with the physical therapy, and stick with your podiatrist’s plan for home exercises and medications as closely as possible.

The Aggressive Treatment Options

One of the more aggressive treatment options for chronic, long-term, heel pain could be the use of ice packs on the heel, foot, or calf depending on the cause of your pain, or you may also be prescribed to a non-steroidal, anti-inflammatory medication. There is also the option of a corticosteroid shot which may be able to provide short-term, temporary relief.

In our experience, many cases of chronic heel pain have responded very well to Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT), which is a non-surgical, highly advanced treatment that is able to offer fast relief while also healing. This specialty treatment, offered by Kansas City Foot Specialists, works by breaking up the scar tissue and stimulating blood flow which improves the body’s healing process. We’ve experienced a high success rate with results comparable to those of surgery, without the limited mobility and prolonged healing period associated with any surgery.

Conservative Treatment Options

After your initial appointment with your doctor, we will begin making your long-term treatment plan for physical therapy, repeated treatments in our offices, and continued home exercises. Your podiatrist may suggest exercises involving biking or swimming, to help you stay physically fit throughout your treatment. It may take several months, or even a year, before your heel pain is resolved, but rest assured, your podiatrist at Kansas City Foot Specialists is as dedicated to your recovery as you are.